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Hygienist Services

Hygienist treatment

Enjoy fresher, healthier teeth and gums with a deep clean from our expert hygienist Highly-skilled Pure Smiles Fulham hygienist Ciara Dempsey: Will make you fee
Same Day Teeth

Same-day teeth

Do you want your teeth straightened as quickly as possible? Would you like to look and feel younger? Are you looking to replace missing teeth? If yes to any of

Nobel Biocare Implants

Straightening your teeth has great benefits for your oral health.   Do you need to replace one or more missing teeth? Are you looking for implant-based res
Cosmetic Bonding - Fulham Dentist

Cosmetic Bonding

We offer a cosmetic treatments to improve your smile.   Are your teeth discoloured? Are your teeth damaged, or missing, in any way? Do your teeth need stra
Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening

Now enjoy the confidence of brighter, whiter teeth.   Teeth whitening from Pure Smiles Fulham: Helps you to look and feel better with brighter, whiter teet

Smile Design

We offer a range of treatments for designing and improving your own smile.   Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you want to replace missing teeth? Do you

Porcelain veneers

Now you can get your perfect smile in weeks   Get your perfect smile in weeks with veneers from Pure Smiles Fulham: Find out how it feels to enjoy a more p
How to brush your teeth properly

Extractions / Surgical Dentistry

Regular check-ups will ensure you keep healthy.   Do you have an infected tooth? Are your teeth overcrowding your mouth? Have your teeth severely decayed?

Root-Canal Treatment

We understand how inconvenient and painful root-canal issues can be.   Do you have serious pain when eating or when you put pressure on the area? Are you e
Crowns, Onlays and Bridges

Dental Bridges

The quicker, more affordable way to solve your missing teeth problem   Dental bridges from Pure Smiles Fulham: Are often the quickest and most affordable w
NHS Dentist Fulham

Fillings and Sealants

Confused by fillings and sealants, let us explain…..   Restorative dentistry from Pure Smiles Fulham: Can restore the function and stability of the m


Ready to have your check-up? Dental examinations from Pure Smiles: Means a thorough assessment of your teeth and gums Means you’ll receive prevention advice for
Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics

We offer a range of options for Adult Orthodontic patients.   Did you miss out on orthodontics treatment as a child? Are you looking to improve the appeara

General Dentistry

Exminations, Fillings & Sealants, Crowns, Onlays and Bridges, Root-Canal Therapy, Extractions / Surgical Dentistry.
Childrens Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

We keep things very relaxed and fun, our little patients often watch cartoons while having their examinations.

Cosmetic Dentistry

improves the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, while maintaining an entirely natural look: Veneers, Smile Design, Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Bonding


Whether you are missing a single tooth, or have no teeth at all, implants are widely regarded as the best solution for replacing your teeth.
Gum Health & Treatment - Fulham Dentist

Gum Health and Treatment

Keeping gums healthy allows us to preserve the natural beauty of our smiles and faces. Healthy gums also reduce the risk of bacteria entering into our bodies.

Braces Fixed & Removable

A bespoke orthodontic treatment plan, mindful of your aesthetic requirements, lifestyle and financial considerations: truly life-changing results.


Some people consider dentures to be old fashioned and whilst there are other more modern options available e.g. implants and bridges, we at Pure Smiles are prou

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