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Dental Implants London



Over the last decade the popularity of Dental implants in London has increased dramatically. Unsurprisingly we have seen a marked shift towards patients choosing fixed rather than removable options. Our goal is always to help you maintain your natural smile, but if we must replace teeth we are grateful that modern technology allows us to replace them with a predictable, safe and beautiful solution.

Who is suitable for Implant treatment?


Whether you are missing a single tooth, or have no teeth at all; whether you are 18 or 81, implants are often the most predictable and natural feeling solution for replacing your teeth. Imagine being able to bite through an apple again; being able to eat out with friends and not feeling self conscious. Dentists and Dental Implant patients in London are well supported by some of the best technicians in the world. By working with a great team, we are able to offer our patients same-day-teeth, this is an exciting and inciting prospect for all of us – no more dentures!

Which is better a bridge or an Implant?


Each case must of course be decided on its own merits and our Dentists will guide you through the decision making process. Although Dental Implants in London are certainly more popular than ever, a bridge can on occasions be a great choice also. Come and meet our excellent team and make an informed choice that suits your needs and goals.


Dental Implants
Make 2018 the year you
get your beautiful smile


Can I spread the cost of treatment?


We understand that dental fees can be daunting and to make life easier we are able to spread the cost of treatment; finding a monthly payment that suits your budget. We take pride in offering you the best solutions and providing you the highest standard of care – we will not compromise on quality. In London Dental Implants are available at differing prices; we utilise Implants made by Nobel Biocare.

At Pure Smiles we utilise Nobel Biocare implants, this system is supported by more clinical and scientific data than any other implant system.
The restoration process is completely customised for each case and your final crown is fabricated by our expert ceramicist producing a result that not only restores function but looks like a real tooth again.


Nobel Biocare lImplants

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