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750a Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5SH
257 New Kings Road, Fulham, London, SW6 4RB

Testimonial from Laura Bennett

I first encountered Pure Smiles in Summer of 2017, when I decided to finally pluck up the courage and get my teeth seen for the first time in years (and I mean years). I’d always hated my teeth, ever since I was young, and I had avoided smiling in photos and had periods where I had been very down about them.

I had felt my front teeth begin to move and got concerned, so I called around some local dentists and during each call I had said I was extremely anxious and nervous about attending the dentist and even making this call was a huge step for me.

Pure Smiles was the only call I made where I felt listened to, understood and cared for. On the phone, on that Saturday morning was Noieeda, and she told me not to worry, to just come in with someone for support and that they would take it very slowly and she would put me with a dentist who was very good at dealing with anxious patients.

I immediately felt at ease, and very surprised that someone had understood and listened to my concerns immediately. And since then, I have felt totally cared for, listened to and safe in the walls of those practices. Which, as someone previously terrified of the dentist, is quite a feat.

I was seen by Ayzaaz, who was slow and caring and could tell when I was getting anxious and would promptly distract me with music and television and we came up with a realistic treatment plan which we worked through for the next 18 months or so.

This plan contained Invisalign braces, fillings, bonding and whitening and seemed like a huge amount to do when I first received it. I can’t believe looking back on that time how much it would change my life to have that work done.

The biggest thing to do, after the filling work was done, was to sort my braces out. Having Invisalign was amazing for me, in less than a year I had totally transformed my smile and could feel it happening slowly but surely every time I changed the trays.

The whitening treatment I chose I am still amazed by to this day, by sleeping with some gel on my teeth for about a week, my teeth became a bright white. As someone who assumed I would have stained and yellow teeth for my whole life because I was born with an enamel deficiency on certain areas of my teeth, I cannot believe how white they became in such a short space of time.

However, the most life changing part of the journey was the bonding that Ayzaaz did on my teeth. Beyond my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine that the chips on my teeth could ever be restored properly.

I had imagined temporary or very obvious fixes but nothing natural and long lasting. But the bonding did the latter, and within a single morning I went from having chipped, broken and uneven teeth on three of my front teeth to having perfectly symmetrical and natural looking smooth, straight teeth.

Ayzaaz managed to copy the natural textures and shapes of my unchipped teeth and duplicate these onto the broken ones. I went from hiding my teeth to beaming them out to the world in the space of a few hours!

I can honestly say my confidence has never ever been better than it has been since working with Ayzaaz and Pure Smiles, and I am forever indebted to them for what they have given me. I can not recommend Pure Smiles highly enough, not only do they treat you like one of their community, they really care about you and your wellbeing, your treatment and will always go out of their way to help or assist if you have a million questions about treatment (like I did!) or if you’re struggling with any aspects of it.

The first night I got Invisalign I totally panicked, I couldn’t get my tray off and I just thought I couldn’t go through with the process. And for the next few days, several members of the Pure Smiles team checked in on me, asked me if I wanted to come in for some extra support and made sure I felt comfortable and was happy with the trays.

If you’re in the market for a new dentist, trust me when I say: you would be lucky to work with such a wonderful practice of people,

- Laura Bennett