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750a Fulham Road, Fulham,
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750a Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5SH
257 New Kings Road, Fulham, London, SW6 4RB

Ensuring your dental care is in the best hands

As you know, our dentists strive for extremely high standards when looking after our patients’ smiles and their dental wellbeing. We consider very carefully the materials and manufacturers we use, as well as the dental technicians in whom we place our trust. We also like keeping our choices local, wherever possible.

So, what a delight it was to find husband and wife team Chris and Kathrin Vielhaber from Pictodent Dental Laboratory just 2.5 miles down the road in Wandsworth.

Pictodent was founded in May 2015 with a specialisation in crowns, bridges and dental implants. This small lab was recommended to us by a member of our team, who introduced us to Kathrin, a highly skilled and experienced dental technician.

Kathrin started her professional education in the field of dental technology in 2003. She crowned her qualification by achieving the German Master Craftsman Diploma in 2012 at the Münster Chamber of Commerce, which motivated her to open her own business.

Following this recommendation, Chris and Kathrin arranged to sit down with our dentists Ayzaaz, Shiraz and Sammy and brought along samples of their work to show us their high attention to detail.

“Working with the dentists at Pure Smiles is great – and we are not just saying that because they are clients,” said Chris.

“What usually happens is that when we provide a restoration, say a crown, the dentist fits it and, if all goes well, we hear no more from them until their next case. No news is good news, so to speak. With the team at Pure Smiles however, we have always been in a constant exchange about the details of restorations, to make sure that the patients get the best outcome for their treatment.

We have learned a lot from the feedback – both good and bad - from Pure Smiles because their dentists have really high standards.”

Pictodent has grown purely by word of mouth and, as well as crowns, bridges, veneers, onlays and implants, it also provides bonded retainers for ensuring teeth stay perfectly straight following orthodontic treatment.

“Pure Smiles has chosen a lab that takes its time to get things right. We work on a small scale and we are proud to have such close connections with our dentists to ensure that their patients’ needs are in the best hands. They can expect great aesthetics and quality – and we are committed to delivering first class solutions,” added Chris.

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