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750a Fulham Road, Fulham,
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750a Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5SH
257 New Kings Road, Fulham, London, SW6 4RB

Pure Calm


Taking a calmer approach to dentistry

You may have heard of slow dining, slow fashion and slow cooking but have you heard of slow dentistry?

For some years now, the dentists at Pure Smiles in Fulham have been taking a calmer, slower approach to dental care, as we believe that we could all do with a little less stress in our lives. An awful lot of people are nervous about visiting the dentist, so we decided it was about time to address that.

What makes us different?

Very few people can do their best when they are rushing and the same is true for dentists. Slowing down allows us to achieve an exceptional level of dentistry.

Why Slow Dentistry?

  • Improved outcomes and higher clinical standards
  • Reduced anxiety and unexpected ‘surprises’
  • Enhanced patient safety
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • A serene, calmer and more relaxing experience
  • A better overall patient experience from the outset
  • Time to build improved relationships
  • Healthier teeth for longer due to a more preventive and conservative approach
  • Financial savings with longer lasting results because of the additional time and precision invested in dental procedures
Everyone at Pure Smiles has got a lot of time for their patients and that has been amazing for me. 

- Laura Bennet

Giving you all the time you need to feel calm and comfortable

Taking time allows us to communicate in a calm and patient manner and this helps us achieve exactly what our patients want, reduces risks and enables us to be more thorough and unhurried. Our dentists also feel proud of a job well done. Everyone wins.

If you like the sound of our approach, please call us on or contact us.

Extremely friendly staff and the atmosphere put my nerves at rest


“This was the first time I've experienced a dentist that explains everything he is doing in great detail. This combined with extremely friendly staff and atmosphere put my nerves at rest about visiting the dentist in the future and having a filling was a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Pure Smiles to anyone especially if, like me they have a fear of going to the dentist. Thanks a lot for such a great service.”

- Steve Sutcliffe

The experience was so different to previous dentists


“I hadn't been to the dentist for years when I went to Pure Smiles. The experience was so different to previous dentists. Shiraz explained exactly what he was doing and why. He explained that I was grinding my teeth at night, which was giving me headaches and took a mould of my two front teeth so we could make something to stop me grinding. I used this for two weeks and the problem went away! I recommended Pure Smiles to my brother, my dad and a work colleague and they have all had excellent experiences. I have since used their tooth whitening kit which was well worth it.”

- Jo Theokli

This practice is fantastic


“This practice is fantastic, staff were so helpful, the dentist I saw explained everything really thoroughly, they seem to know about everything. Treatment was painless, what more is there to say. Highly recommend this dentist.”

 - M Nateghi

A great experience


“From the start to the end a great experience. Welcoming persons, great dentist. Every aspect of the process is well explained and illustrated with pictures of before and after work. Thank you”

- Frank Contrepois

Giving us a reason to smile!


“Pure Smiles is modern dentistry with heart, which sets them at the top of London practices. The entire staff creates a friendly atmosphere, while doctors ensure you are comfortable, well informed and receive the best treatment. Even our daughter enjoys her monthly orthodontic visits! The state of the art equipment combined with current dentistry concepts provided by knowledgeable dentists keeps us returning. We highly recommend Pure Smiles!”

- Christy

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