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Holistic Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry: What's the Difference?

Traditional dental practices have been mastered to such an accurate degree over the years that any procedure conducted by an experienced and licenced professional is low in risk. However, some people prefer a more holistic approach when having dental treatment performed. What does this mean? And how is it different from traditional dentistry? Let’s look at the key differences between the two forms of dentistry.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Perhaps you get nervous before dental visits, imagining the tools traditional dentists use and the potentially invasive nature of the upcoming treatment - in this case, you might consider holistic dentistry.

There are some key aspects that holistic dentists focus on. For instance, a holistic dentist will put your diet and general consumption in the spotlight rather than just curing the problems that ail you. This is viewed as a preventative measure and aims to reduce further oral problems by taking responsibility for what you eat and drink.

If you would normally expect a traditional dentist to give you medicine to quell any pain you feel or swelling that occurs post-treatment, a holistic dentist might instead offer you a route of herbs to cure your pain. The use of herbology is widely explored throughout the world of holistic dentistry and there is some evidence to suggest the human body reacts well to natural ingredients as a curing option.

One of the foundations of holistic dentistry is that people who practice it believe the whole body is connected, meaning if you take care of your mental and physical well-being generally, you are less likely to be subjected to pain. That’s why this method of dentistry, although considered unconventional by some, will focus on stress or personal problems to discover why your pain is felt or perhaps exacerbated.

Holistic Dentistry vs Traditional Dentistry

The basics behind holistic dentistry don’t veer drastically from traditional dentistry; your dentist will still ethically treat you as you wish and aim to cure or prevent future diseases with the best advice. It’s more the advice that is given, the nature of the surroundings in the appointment, and perhaps the actual medicine that will differ.

Of course, all dentists want to make you as comfortable as possible, but spiritual healing, which is a part of holistic care, can be requested by patients and accommodated. The setting that you’ll notice as you visit your dentist will be different to traditional appointments, focusing on your intrinsic well-being and creating a calming environment.

If your dental problems are severe enough, traditional dentists and holistic dentists will likely agree on the medicine you’re giving and the procedures necessary to correct what is plaguing you. Holistic dentistry is typically reserved for minor issues or annoyances.

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