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How to Avoid Coffee Stains on Teeth

When we consume food and drink, there is always a risk that our teeth become stained afterwards as a result. This can be frustrating if you’re looking to keep your teeth looking their healthiest. Did you know that some foods and drinks stain our teeth more than others? One such food that can cause staining is coffee, but how do we reduce or avoid the stains we encounter? Let’s look at the best ways to do this for a clean-looking smile.

How Does Coffee Stain Teeth?

A cup of coffee, much like a glass of red wine or other heavy, dark substances, can cause stains to your teeth. Part of the reason behind this is that they comprise tannins, an ingredient that leaves a residual colour on your teeth because they have been broken down in water.

If you notice your teeth in the bathroom mirror after 2 or 3 cups of coffee, you could notice they look somewhat darker than they did before. If you don’t address the stains that are lingering on your teeth as soon as you can, there’s more chance the colour compounds will stay on the surface of your teeth.

So, is coffee bad for your teeth? In moderation, no it isn’t but don’t overdo it. The good news is that, with fast action, you can remove the vast majority of the stains from your smile so the effects of the coffee will hardly be noticeable, if at all.

How to Avoid Coffee Stains on Teeth

So what are the best ways to avoid or reduce coffee stains? The number one way to avoid coffee stains is simple: don’t drink coffee. If you remove coffee from your diet completely, there’s no chance your teeth can have coffee stains on them. Of course, they could be stained by other things you consume, however.

Removing coffee from your diet entirely isn’t necessarily achievable and you shouldn’t have to do this if you enjoy it and are feeling no ill effects from the beverage. In this case, we’d suggest you take a toothbrush and some toothpaste with you if you’re stepping outside for coffee so you can brush your teeth in the bathroom immediately after. The less time the tannins spend on your teeth, the greater the likelihood that the stains won’t linger.

Generally speaking, strong oral care at home is a great approach.

We’d also suggest that you visit a dental hygienist routinely. They can effectively clean your mouth to make it look much cleaner and healthier by removing stains and unwanted bacteria from your mouth. Book in with Pure Smiles for the best hygienist care you could hope for.

Our air polish service gives fantastic results as removing stains, using a fine micropowder, stains are blasted away to reveal shining teeth.

Other than this, teeth whitening procedures are safe and work wonders to improve the colour of your teeth by a few shades to your preference. Pure Smiles is adept at achieving customer satisfaction when it comes to getting the colour you’re looking for; explore our website today for more.

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