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Pulpotomy for Kids: Everything You Need to Know

Without proper oral hygiene, everybody is at risk of getting teeth infected; this includes children, who, even with baby teeth, can be subjected to oral diseases if their teeth are not cared for appropriately. Children won't know the techniques to clean their teeth like adults do, so it's down to their legal guardian to help them with this. Unfortunately, children may need pulpotomy treatment if they’re experiencing problems. At Pure Smiles, we want to discuss how this is done and when it is necessary to undertake the procedure.

Why Pulpotomy is Required in Children

Kids’ teeth will fall out eventually, and adult teeth will grow, but this doesn't mean that baby teeth shouldn't be cared for in the same way as adult teeth. For instance, brushing is vital for everybody, regardless of age, to remove as much bacteria in the mouth as possible. Flossing and using mouthwash might be more challenging for a child, but brushing is necessary.

If the teeth in a child's mouth aren't cared for properly, bacteria could make their way into their teeth and gums, leading to cavities or decay. If this occurs, a pulpotomy might be required to solve the problem.

Every tooth has a pulp in the centre of it, including baby teeth. If the pulp becomes infected, it must be removed to keep the tooth in as good a condition as possible. 

If your child is complaining that their teeth are in pain, overly sensitive, or that their gums hurt, this could indicate that a pulpotomy is required, and you should call the dentist to book an appointment.

How Pulpotomy for Children is Undertaken

A local anaesthetic will be administered so no pain will be felt during the procedure. Next, the dentist will remove the visible decay before creating an opening in the pulp. The infected pulp will then be removed before an appropriate restoration is placed to secure your tooth and protect its centre.

Pulpotomy requires a great deal of care and precision from dentists. Thankfully, the experts at Pure Smiles are adept at carrying out the procedure safely and effectively.

We understand that children might be among the nervous patients that attend the dentist, whether it's their first time having a procedure like this done or not, so we use specialist skills to make the appointment as accommodating for them as possible. 

We will perform the pulpotomy procedure with meticulous care so you and your child are as comfortable as possible. Once the procedure is over, we will provide dental tips and advice to keep your kid's oral health strong.

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