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When most people think of toothpaste they’ll instantly think of mint. Mint has been the staple toothpaste flavour for almost 100 years, with many reporting that it gives them a fresh, clean feeling. This most likely comes from the menthol in mint, which provides a cool and tingly sensation. However, some companies appear to have seen an opportunity to break this time-long favourite. We’ve made a list of some of the more unusual toothpaste flavours.


Chocolate is bad for your teeth- this is something you’ve most likely been told from childhood. Most dentists recommended that chocolate consumption should be very limited to avoid tooth decay and cavities. Chocolate would therefore seem like a very unusual flavour to brush your teeth with, but if you’re looking to taste a bit more chocolate than your dentist would advise, then maybe this is the toothpaste flavour for you.


Liquorice again is most associated with sweet things, whether it be liquorice confectionery, liquorice flavoured spirits, or in sweet-smelling candles. However, toothpaste company, Marvis have decided it’s also the sweet treat to start and the end the day, as they continue to sell this unusual toothpaste flavour. If you’re a Black Jack or Sambuca admirer perhaps this is the flavour for you.


Yes, that’s right, bacon. Whilst there are many people that enjoy bacon in the morning, it’s usually a breakfast favourite rather than something to brush onto your teeth. Despite this, Mr Bacon’s Bacon Toothpaste, claims otherwise and encourages to buy into their unusual flavour with their tagline: “Makes your breath Bacon fresh!” We’re not so sure that’s something we’re looking for.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola is sugary and delicious is probably why it’s amongst the most popular drinks flavours in the world, but it’s more associated with fillings than it is with a healthy set of teeth. Well not anymore, not only can you buy Coca-Cola toothpaste you can also get your hands on mouthwash and floss in this flavour to keep your teeth and gums healthy.


This is probably one of the most unusual toothpaste flavours ever made. Unlike bacon, curry isn’t often thought of as being a Western breakfast favourite, but if you’re a curry lover then you can now enjoy it twice a day more with curried flavoured toothpaste- maybe it will spice up your day!


For those that enjoy the finer things in life; you can now bring your sophisticated tastes into your brushing routine with champagne flavoured toothpaste. Most often thought of as being the flavour for special occasions, you can now celebrate each morning and evening brushing routine.

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