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Does tooth whitening tooth paste really work?

There are an array of toothpastes to choose from these days. The dental hygiene aisle in the supermarket seems to be getting longer and longer! Manufactures are producing more and more tooth whitening pastes and our patients often ask: Do whitening toothpastes actually work?

The answer really depends on what you define as tooth whitening. Dentists tend to define tooth whitening products as those that penetrate the surface of the tooth and whiten the dark dentine underneath the enamel. This gives a fantastic brightness to the smile and looks great. Feel free to ask our Dentists to show you some before and after pictures of cases they have treated.

Whitening toothpastes do not do this. Whitening pastes are designed to remove surface stains from the teeth, tiny abrasive particles (often silica) contained within the paste act to polish the surface only.

So if your teeth are stained on the surface, toothpaste may help. If your teeth are dark from within, professional tooth whitening is the answer. The dentists at Pure Smiles are experienced in tooth whitening and are happy to discuss your needs.

For coffee drinker and smokers, you may wish to see our Hygienist and take advantage of our air polishing service. This is a brilliant way of getting rid of stubborn surface stain, that your toothpaste just can’t dislodge.

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