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Everyone has their favourite foods and snacks but it’s probably fair to say that most of them aren’t very good for your teeth! It’s good to have occasional treats that you enjoy but keeping them occasional is an important part of being healthy. To help you pick some healthy alternatives, here’s our five diet-swaps that your teeth will be thankful for.

Sugar for Xylitol

Sugar – it’s in almost every pre-made food and makes most things taste better! However, it should come as no surprise that excessive sugar consumption is bad for your general health and is the number one enemy of your teeth. You should really limit the amount of sugar you have in order to live a healthy lifestyle. However, if you really can’t resist a bit of sweetness in your tea or coffee, try switching sugar for Xylitol. Xylitol is proven to be better for your dental health when compared with sugar. It’s found naturally in many fruits and vegetables in small amounts and contains 40% fewer calories than regular sugar. So, for something that’s sweet on your tongue (and your teeth) use Xylitol!

Crisps for Carrots  

Crisps are a favourite snacking food of the world: whether you’re watching TV or having friends round for drinks, crisps are a solid choice! However, crisps are starchy and often coated in sugar, making them a big dental no-no. The next time you’re getting the hummus out of the fridge and reaching for a crisp packet to snack on, grab some carrot sticks instead!  Carrots are high in fibre, crunchy in texture and low in sugar, making them a great snack for your teeth. Eating carrots also helps to scrub away plaque while you snack – win-win!

“Health” Smoothies for Homemade Smoothies

Most of us reach for smoothies as a healthier drink option, but we’ve all been lied to! Most shop-bought smoothies pose as healthy alternatives when they are actually packed with sugar and other unhealthy additives. It’s really important to check the labels before you buy, or even better, make your own! Making homemade smoothies means you can get all the benefits of fruit and veg without the additional sugar which destroys your teeth!

Cereal for Porridge

Quick, easy and yummy: cereal is a breakfast favourite for lots of people. However, aside from a few health cereals, most are actually very high in sugar! Even some of the brands disguised as healthy options aren’t very good for you. So switch the cereal for some porridge! Porridge oats are high in fibre, low in sugar and release their energy slowly which means they’ll keep you full for longer. If you’re really craving a little morning sugar boost, add some berries or a teaspoon of honey to sweeten the deal!

Popcorn for Almonds

Film? Check! Comfy blankets? Check! Popcorn? Whilst popcorn is a favourite food for film night, it’s not the best thing for your teeth. Most shop-bought popcorn contains ridiculous amounts of sugar which is a nightmare for your dental health. So, chuck out the popcorn and get a bag of almonds instead! Almonds contain lots of essential minerals including calcium, which is good for your teeth. They are also low in sugar and have a naturally yummy, sweet taste!

It’s important to have food and drinks that you know you enjoy, but it’s important that your teeth enjoy them too! Every time you pick the sugary option, you’re doing damage to your teeth. Next time you’re reaching for your favourite sweet treat, take a moment to think of your teeth.

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