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Get rid of bad breath with these five tips

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, can be very embarrassing. When 35-45% of the world’s population are sufferers, there’s something going drastically wrong, especially when the solutions are so simple. Whether it’s poor oral hygiene or maintaining those bad habits, we’ve got you covered with some of our top tips to keep you smelling fresh.

Moisten your mouth regularly

Mouths as dry as a desert don’t tend to be blessed with pleasant breath. Salvia has an essential part to play in good oral hygiene - washing away food particles and destroying cavity-causing bacteria. Simply drinking more water can have a remarkable effect on your halitosis and if your mouth is moistened on a regular basis, your overall oral health will drastically improve too.

Scrape your tongue

In order to keep your breath smelling fresh, the tongue is one of the most important areas of your mouth to maintain and clean. The tongue is a hotbed for bacteria that gives breath its odour, so directing your toothbrush towards your tongue and brushing off all unnecessary residue can play a significant role in improving your breath. If you’re having trouble brushing your tongue, try using a tongue scraper or checking in with your dentist for a discussion.

Stop smoking

Smoking is a terrible habit that you need to stop for your general health, including your mouth. Smoking stains your teeth, damages your gums and dries your mouth, which can all lead to bad breath. There are plenty of fantastic new treatments and methods to help people ditch tobacco, so get in touch with your doctor or local pharmacy today.

Eat crunchy foods

Eating crunchy foods such as carrots and celery is a brilliant method of improving the smell of your breath. This action creates saliva which, as mentioned before, helps to keep your mouth hygiene in the best shape possible. It’s also a good idea not to let yourself go hungry; the acidic build up in your stomach from hunger is noticeable from your exhale and really doesn’t do your breath any favours.

Get a new toothbrush every few months

We’re all guilty of it - reusing the same toothbrush for months on end is an easy habit to fall into. However, recycling and renewing your toothbrush keeps your teeth and mouth in tip top condition. Switch out the old brush for a new one every month or so, and you’ll notice the difference it makes to your breath.

So there you have it, our top five tips to help you revitalise your breath. Keep up the brushing, drop the bad habits and make sure your mouth isn’t parched so you can smile and breathe with confidence.

If you spot any bad signs or feel like you need some expert advice for refreshing your mouth, get in touch with our super talented and experienced Hygienists at Pure Smiles for more tips and advice. 

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