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How to avoid getting a filling!

Modern diets are bad news for our teeth. Our ancestors rarely suffered from tooth decay; historical records confirm that the prevalence of tooth decay coincides well with the consumption of refined sugars and refined flour.

What is tooth decay? Tooth decay occurs when bacteria has penetrated the surface of a tooth, for this to happen the surface must first be weakened by acid. Sugar and starch will encourage the production of acid in mouth and begin this process of decay.

It is well worth understanding that the process of tooth decay starts well before we see a visible cavity and well before we get any toothache.

So to avoid needing a filling your best bet is to reduce the number of times you consume added sugars or baked starchy foods such as crisps and crackers. Try not to snack or graze on food through out the day – your saliva contains natural defences against decay and you should allow it time to strengthen your teeth in between meals.

Use a fluoride toothpaste twice a day, first thing in the morning and before bed also.

Speak to your dentist about sealing the surfaces of your teeth to help protect them from cavities and let them catch any areas of decay early so that they may be treated with minimal intervention.

Remember, modern processed food if full of hidden sugars. Look at the labels of the food you eat, you might be surprised to find sucrose added to your lunch time sandwich, your pasta meal, your apparently healthy breakfast cereal, or to your sports drink.

For more advice on prevention, book in for an examination or for a dental hygienist session at Pure Smiles.

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