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How to cure gum disease without a dentist

Take it from us - gum disease isn’t pleasant. If you’re not staying on track with your brushing routine, gum disease can cause some serious damage to your oral health. Wondering how to cure gum disease without a dentist? While we always recommend paying us a visit, here are some of our top tips and remedies.

Green tea

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest too. Green tea is packed with beneficial antioxidants that can significantly reduce inflammation around the gums. The polyphenols that are in green tea also slow down the growth of certain bacteria in the mouth that can end up leading to gum disease. A cup of tea in the morning and evening is brilliant for your general mental and physical health too. 

Salt water

Salt is another back-to-basics remedy that could help to reduce your chances of gum disease. The mineral is a natural disinfectant able to heal inflamed gum tissue and eradicate any bad bacteria in your mouth. Grab some sea salt, mix it with boiling water and, after it’s cooled down, give your mouth a rinse. This is a good way of keeping your oral health a boost outside of your regular flossing and brushing too.

Consistent brushing routine

As with any other part of your dental health, keeping up a consistent brushing and flossing routine is vital. Brushing twice a day for two minutes each time has a huge impact on your chances of getting gum disease. If you already have the early signs, there are a variety of effective toothpastes that can give you a helping hand. Don’t forget to floss either! Flossing once  a day is one of the best ways to keep your gums healthy.

Sage mouthwash

Picking the right mouthwash is key if you want to fix your gums. Many mouthwash brands contain high amounts of alcohol, which dry the mouth out and therefore encourage more bacteria to grow. In contrast, sage mouthwashes are able to decrease the bacteria responsible for dental plaque and gum disease. It’s easy to make your own sage mouthwash too! Simply add a few spoons of dried sage to boiling water, wait for it to cool and wash your mouth out. 

Regular hygienist appointments

While home remedies are always useful, there’s no replacement for the dentist to prevent damage to your gums. We recommend that you visit your hygienist every 3 months to make sure that you maintain positive oral health and keep your smile bright!

If you’re worried about your gum disease or you’re showing the early signs, book an appointment today

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