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Root Canal Treatment: Everything you need to know

What do you envision when you think about root canal treatment? Probably not great right? Perhaps something a little scary, painful or uncomfortable. Well, if that’s the case, you might be surprised to learn how far the treatment has progressed in recent times. Modern technology has transformed root canal treatment into a relatively comfortable and short procedure. To wash away any doubts you may have, we’ve explained every detail you need to know before getting treatment.

When is Root Canal Treatment needed?

If you’re experiencing a sharp, uncomfortable pain inside your tooth, it might be time to have a check up. Each one of your teeth has a root that secures it tightly to the jawbone. Pulp, made up of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue, occupies a space called the pulp chamber, which lies within the root canal system. The pulp itself plays an integral role in the health of your teeth, supplying them with nutrients and sensations such as temperature. When a tooth has been infected by bacteria, the pulp can become inflamed and starts to decay. If you don’t get root canal treatment quickly, the pulp will start to die, the pain will get worse and removing the tooth might be necessary.

How does Root Canal Treatment work?

After a discussion about your symptoms, we perform a CBCT scan, which helps us to plan the procedure to the highest level of accuracy. Depending on the severity of your situation, we will usually schedule you in for root canal treatment at a later date. 

The procedure itself begins by using a small specialist drill, which will take out a small part of the top section of your tooth, in order to expose, access and remove the decaying pulp. All your canals are then disinfected with a solution and filled up with a permanent material. Don’t worry about pain, under local anaesthetic you won’t feel a thing apart from a poke or two from the dentist’s instruments.

What are the after effects of Root Canal Treatment?

After the treatment, it will take a few hours for the anaesthetic to wear down and you may be prescribed pain relief for a couple of days. After further check ups in the proceeding weeks, your dentist will analyse how well your tooth is recovering and whether any more treatment is necessary. When you’re recovering from the treatment, make sure to stay away from smoking and eating sugary foods, along with maintaining your standard brushing routine

Why choose Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal treatment is a simple, fast and effective method of combating infections inside the pulp of your teeth. Without it, infections can spread and cause abscesses, which are a build up of pus that creates swelling around your teeth and jaw. Even worse, unoperated infections can kill the nerve inside your tooth and require the entire tooth to be extracted. With all this said, the solution is a simple one. The sooner you have root canal treatment, the better the outcome will be. If you have any worries or suspicions that you might need the procedure, head to the dentist straight away.

Where to get your Root Canal Treatment?

At Pure Smiles Dental Practice in Fulham, root canal treatment has been a fundamental part of our operation for many years. We’re incredibly proud of our track record and you’ll be in safe hands with our expert dentists. If you’d like to make an appointment, please contact us at 0203 613 3324 or

speak to us0203 613 4525

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