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Should I Brush My Teeth Before or After Breakfast?

Brushing your teeth is a more integral part of your morning routine than making your bed or combing your hair; it’s so important to do this every morning for the health of your teeth and gums. But what many people want to know is when the right time to brush your teeth is. Would it make better sense to brush your teeth before or after your breakfast? Pure Smiles is here to help you find out the truth of the matter for the benefit of your oral health.

Should I Brush My Teeth Before or After Breakfast?

A lot of people believe that it’s counterproductive to brush your teeth in the morning and then eat your breakfast and have some coffee because you’ve just cleaned your teeth and now you’re going to expose them to food and hot drinks. On top of this, there’s the taste of toothpaste lingering in your mouth as you’re about to bite into some fruit which people find unpleasant.

However, the optimal time to brush your teeth is before consuming your breakfast. This is because your enamel will be protected better than if you brushed them after breakfast.

As we sleep, different types of bacteria collect in our mouths and multiply. You should aim to remove this bacteria from your mouth at the first opportunity so that no plaque builds up between your teeth or on your gums. The presence of plaque, particularly an excessive amount, can lead to oral diseases and some pain.

By using fluoride toothpaste before eating your breakfast, you're not only getting that bacteria out of your mouth quicker, but you're also creating greater protection for your teeth against any acidity the food might contain. This gives you the best chance of maintaining a strong degree of dental health.

Is It Bad to Brush My Teeth After Breakfast?

It isn't necessarily bad to brush your teeth after breakfast, but simply not as good as doing so before eating. Whether you want clean teeth before or after breakfast, there are a couple of things to remember.

When you eat breakfast directly after getting out of bed, you're introducing acidity or possible bacteria to your teeth and gums on top of the bacteria that you've collected throughout the night. Therefore, when you brush after breakfast, it'll be harder to remove an increased amount of bacteria than it would've been before.

If you decide to eat before brushing, we'd suggest waiting half an hour for the bacteria to wash away before brushing to help remove them - or even longer if you're drinking fruit juices or eating citrus fruit. Have a glass of water to help rinse away the bacteria from your teeth and gums after you've eaten.

The Verdict

If you're asking “Should I brush my teeth before breakfast?” then our answer would be yes, ideally. Although, this isn't possible every day so don't stress too much if you can't now and then.

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