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750a Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5SH
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Teeth Matter

Our Smiles play a big role in first impressions, not to mention the fact that being able to laugh and grin freely is part and parcel of being happy, so it's little wonder that being plagued by self-consciousness due to crooked teeth can have a major dent on confidence levels.

However, it's a myth that if you didn't get a mouthful of metal braces aged 13, you've missed your chance altogether - whatever your age, it's not too late to get overcrowded, wonky teeth straightened out by an orthodontist.

If you do want to neaten up your smile, this is what you need to know.

Invisalign works by repositioning teeth little by little, using a series of custom-made clear plastic "aligner" that are changed every two weeks, Digital scanning technology and 3D software is used to plot the way the teeth should move over a period of weeks - so you can see how your teeth should look at the end of the treatment before even starting.

Alternatively, you can go classic with traditional metal train tracks which are tightened over time to pull teeth gradually into place.

One issue which older people need to be aware of is that their bone may be less able to regenerate to hold the teeth in their new position than younger people. Following treatment, permanent retention may be necessary to stop the teeth moving back.

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