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Top 10 Weird and Wonderful Facts About Your Mouth

Teeth aren’t only rooted in our mouths. Our gnashers have played a huge role in our evolution as a species and are deeply rooted to our past. Simply put - your teeth are more weirdly wonderful than you probably give them credit for. Here’s a few of our favourite facts about your mouth to help you brush up on your teeth trivia.

  1. Teeth are just as unique to you as your fingerprint. This still comes in really handy for forensic teams who have solved numerous crimes over the years because of teeth.

  1. One of the first beacons of human civilisation, Ancient Egypt was also ahead of the curve in terms of dentistry. While they might not have been as progressive as modern dentists, the Egyptians did have mouthwashes and primitive toothbrushes to keep tooth decay at bay.

  1. During the Middle Ages, many people believed that boiling dogs teeth in wine prevented tooth decay. We’ll go on the record and say that probably wasn’t the best idea.

  1. You haven’t got a tougher bone in your body than your enamel. Is there a better reason to look after your teeth? Keep up your dental routine and let’s keep it that way!

  1. Teeth can stick around in the bones of your mouth for tens of thousands of years after you’ve passed away. This allows archaeologists to gain a fascinating insight into how people lived and ate all those years ago.

  1. At over 7 billion, there are nearly as many bacteria in your mouth as there are people on earth. But don’t grab the mouthwash just yet! Most of those will be the bacteria you need to break down your food and maintain your dental hygiene.

  1. Two sets of teeth in one lifetime sounds enough, doesn’t it? Sharks actually have over 40 sets of teeth during their lives! That’s a lot of money from the tooth fairy...

  2. Don’t stop smiling, first impressions count! Studies have shown that over 55% of people say that a smile is the first thing they notice about a person.

  1. Before you’re even born, the seeds of your 20 primary teeth and the 32 permanent teeth have already begun to grow. It takes about twelve years before those permanent teeth even make an appearance.

  1.  At the time of his inauguration, George Washington only had one tooth - the rest were made completely of wood!

No matter who you are or where you are in the world, our teeth have always played a pivotal part in how we live. Next time you’re brushing or flossing your teeth, spare a thought for how bizarre, extraordinary and brilliant our teeth really are. Book an appointment at Pure Smiles today.

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