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750a Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5SH
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What brushing your teeth might look like in 2050!

Brushing your teeth is an essential activity that most of us do at least once a day throughout our lives. There haven’t been all that many revolutionary changes in the way we brush our teeth; not since the toothbrush was created all the way back in 1938 at least! For sure, electric toothbrushes have changed things slightly but they still rely on moving bristles over your teeth. Things, however, are all set to change with significant developments on the horizon that could alter the way we brush our teeth.

Brush Effects

The Brush Effects toothbrush ensures both faster and improved cleaning. The designers of this product are currently looking for funding so that they can take their product to market. With this toothbrush you achieve 60% faster brushing times so that cleaning your teeth will take up less of your day with the added benefit that less water is wasted. The Brush Effects also brushes all three sides of your teeth so they’re properly cleaned from front to back. Clever!

Kolibree toothbrush

Bluetooth brushing could be the future! The Kolibree Ara toothbrush has sensors that track the movement of the brush around your mouth. It records every minute of your brushing habits and all the data is then sent to and stored on your phone. It allows you to see which areas you unconsciously brush more often as well as keeping track on the number of times you brush your teeth everyday.

Tongue-powered toothbrush

Imagine using a handsfree toothbrush to clean your teeth. Crazy! The tongue-powered toothbrush, officially known as the T2T Tongue, mounts on your tongue and you swirl your tongue around to brush your teeth. It allows for multi-tasking because by using you tongue to power the brush you keep your hands free to get on with other things.


For those whose teeth are very sensitive the Airfloss toothbrush is perfect. Its bristle-free design will avoid agitating the teeth and gums like a regular toothbrush would during brushing. It looks similar to an electric toothbrush. The cleaning action uses air and water, or mouthwash if you prefer, and it blasts into your mouth. This cleans effectively in-between your teeth and can leave your mouth cleaner than it might be after traditional brushing. Studies have shown that it can remove 99% more plaque than a regular toothbrush. Impressive!


Amabrush is capable of brushing all of your teeth in just 10 seconds. Its mouthguard-like design allows it to brush all of your teeth simultaneously, hugely cutting down on the time taken. It uses toothpaste that is delivered into the system by a capsule on the front that ensures the right volume is delivered to the device for an optimal clean.


So far all the technologies have relied on the changing the way we brush our teeth. There are, however, suggestions about how we could improve the toothpaste we use to brush teeth. Researchers have created particles that bind to the surface of teeth and slowly release a compound to counter the build-up of plaque that naturally forms on your teeth throughout the day. This slow release mechanism will mean it will be possible to avoid bad breath for an entire day.

From optimising the time taken to bush teeth, to cleaning them with jets of air and water, the way we brush our teeth is going to change in the coming years.

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