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750a Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5SH
257 New Kings Road, Fulham, London, SW6 4RB

What family dentistry means to us here at Pure Smiles

Here at Pure Smiles, providing a dentistry experience everyone can enjoy is the top priority. That’s why we have committed to building an exceptional family dentistry suitable for all ages. We passionately believe that family dentistry is the way forward and here’s a few reasons why.

Other than the convenience of taking your whole family to the same dentistry, one of the biggest perks of family dentistry is developing a strong relationship with your dentist. Throughout your life, knowing you have a dentist who knows your family’s oral history is a huge advantage when dealing with some of the dental problems you may face. Not only will this reduce anxiety, but it will be much easier to detect peculiar changes in your teeth and prevent problems before they require treatment. Children are also much more likely to open up about dental problems to a dentist they have built a rapport with.

Developing this relationship with our patients is vital for achieving the highest standards (as well as being one of our favourite parts of the job). In contrast to general dentists, we make sure that children grow up understanding the importance of a thorough dental routine. Instilling this into children from an early age and continuing it throughout their childhood is something only family dentistry can provide.

Too many children grow up with unnecessary anxiety at the prospect of a visit to the dentist. This plants the seeds for irregular dental checkups in later life and can be very damaging for dental health. The more positive links we can build between our dentistry and children, the healthier their teeth will be throughout their life.

Of course, family dentistry doesn’t only include children - at Pure Smiles we are proud to cater to all ages. We have extensive experience ensuring elderly people still maintain those essential dental routines. Whether it’s providing help and instructions with dentures or spotting signs of gum disease, our relationship with older patients is just as important as our younger ones.

Family dentistry is one of the foundational pillars of our high dental standards and our gentle and comfortable approach to your family’s teeth will encourage great oral hygiene. For years to come, the whole family will be leaving our dentistry with pearly white smiles. Book an appointment today.

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