Caring for Fulham since 2009

750a Fulham Road, Fulham,
London SW6 5SH

257 New Kings Road, Fulham,
London SW6 4RB

750a Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5SH
257 New Kings Road, Fulham, London, SW6 4RB

Why We Love Fulham and its Community

Now more than ever, community matters. A massive part of the pride we take in our dentistry comes from our role at the heart of the neighbourhood. Used as a highway since 1410, this road has been a thriving cultural centre of the area since the 18th century. Personally, we’re proud to have our Pure Smiles practice on Fulham Road since 2009 and cherish the deep history and vibrant community we love being a part of.

Since 1966, the Fulham Good Neighbours Society has been an example of the special care our community shows one another. Their work bringing local volunteers to older residents in the area has not gone unnoticed. We’re proud to say the Society won a Queen's Award for Voluntary Service in 2019 for their outstanding work helping elderly people with their everyday life. The Society also set up the Good Neighbours Scheme, in order to provide residents with skilled volunteers, who help with anything from TV problems to shopping support. As you can see, the charitable nature of our community has and will always inspire our dentistry.

On the same road as Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, the Pure Smiles practice serves a community alongside a historic and important institution. We care deeply about public health and helping those affected in our community next to a vital hospital has created a strong bond, unique to our area. This community cares and our passion is giving back as one. 

It might seem trivial to some, but nothing seems to encapsulate a sense of togetherness and fortitude quite like football. We’re incredibly lucky to have Stamford Bridge - home to Chelsea FC - at one end of the Fulham Road and Craven Cottage on the other. The pre-match buzz watching fans move back and forth on matchday from the dentistry is always an exciting experience. Don’t ask us who we support though, we’re literally stuck in the middle! 

Fulham Road is also home to some distinctive and ancient sites. Fulham Palace, for instance, is a beautiful, Grade I listed building with medieval roots dating back to the 11th century. The Palace gardens are the second oldest in London and were even known to grow grapes that were given to Queen Elizabeth I. After a funding boost in 2019, we were excited to see the Palace given a much-needed revamp with a new museum and a refurbished design. The Palace on Fulham Road helps keep us at Pure Smiles in touch and connected with the community’s past and plays a vital role in our history.

These are just a few of the wonderful parts of our community, without even mentioning the fantastic independent businesses up and down the road. During the pandemic, supporting our community has been at the forefront of our mind. There's plenty to see and do in Fulham and our vibrant, considerate and charitable neighbourhood is a huge source of pride for our dentistry. We will always strive to give the best to everyone that steps into our Pure Smiles practice. Make sure to book an appointment today.

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