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Forget fillings: Scientists want to regrow your teeth

The next evolution in dental care is about to begin. Imagine never having to worry about your dentist filling holes in your teeth with a noisy drill. Amalgam and resin fillings have long been used to treat cavities and while they are effective, it’s common for fillings to crack and fall out. What if there was a treatment that could naturally cement gaps in your teeth? A drug called Tideglusib, used to treat neurological disorders, may enable dentists to regrow teeth.

How can dentists regrow teeth?

Research and testing have shown the drug Tideglusib can stimulate stem cells within the dental pulp. Scientists have tested the drug on rats, which demonstrated that when used directly inside cavities, it can regrow dentine. Teeth can naturally regenerate a very thin layer of dentine without assistance, but only when the pulp has been infected or exposed through trauma. The teeth’s natural dentine regrowth is not enough to repair deep cavities caused by decay.

Tideglusib has passed its safety tests in humans, so it could very well be used on people. This could enable the team at Pure Smiles Fulham to offer patients a highly effective, alternative treatment for cavities. The drug could fast-track the consultation process to stop tooth decay.

It’s not just Tideglusib that could be used to regrow teeth, as a new laser treatment is on the rise. Many dentists already use lasers to cut major tissues in the teeth, but scientists at the University of Buffalo have tested low-power lasers to regenerate tissue. The team at UB have found that shining laser light on the pulp can produce new dentin, which could be used instead of root canal treatment. Studies around low-level light therapy have been piling up for decades, but these researchers have made significant process.

Many scientists believe the ability to regrow an entire missing tooth will be a reality one day. At Pure Smiles, we offer a range of quality dental restoration treatment, as well as teeth straightening, tooth sensitivity treatment and teeth whitening treatment. If you have any concerns about your teeth, please call us on 0203 613 3323 or book an appointment. Our practices are based at 750a Fulham Road and 257 New King Road SW6.

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