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750a Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5SH
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Peace and Calm: Why we believe in slow dentistry

You can’t do anything well if you do it in a rush, which is why we’re committed to slow dentistry here at Pure Smiles. Our procedures always focus on the patient experience and slow dentistry is perfect for those suffering from dental anxiety. To help you better understand the concept, we’ve gathered a few of our favourite things about slow dentistry.

More relaxed environment

If it wasn’t for all of our equipment, you’d be easily mistaken to think you’d walked into a yoga room when entering our dentistry. To help our patients that suffer from dental anxiety, we have taken the time and effort to encourage a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Our patients aren’t the only ones benefiting; our dentists can operate at their highest level in this relaxed environment.

Higher dental standards

The added time that comes with slow dentistry immediately increases the quality of our work. Our dentists have the freedom to engage with their clients at a significantly higher level than at a non-slow dentistry. We take huge pride in our work and giving dentists the time to perform at their best will always supply exceptional results for your teeth. 

Financial savings

Despite the added time we take to ensure we can operate at our very best, slow dentistry is sure to save you money in the long run. With higher clinical standards, your teeth will be healthier, stronger and more enduring than ever before. Whether you’re saving up or going on holiday, that’s more money in your pocket alongside a healthier set of teeth.

Higher hygiene standards

To say COVID-19 put a spanner in the works of everybody’s lives is an understatement and hygiene standards have to be even higher than usual for all health operators. However, while we have introduced additional measures for the pandemic, slow dentistry has always reached the highest hygienic standards possible. Pandemic or not, we make sure to give our dentistry the necessary anti-bacterial cleaning after every patient.

Full explanations of each procedure

In some dentistries, time restraints force dentists to be less open about procedures and less likely to build up rapport with their patients. Slow dentistry encourages a healthy patient and dentist relationship, which also allows for more thorough explanations of procedures. This means we have the time to fully take you through your dental plan giving you more disclosure about the processes of your procedures.

Slow dentistry doesn’t only benefit your teeth. Our methods provide a calm, peaceful and more enjoyable overall patient experience. If you’re fighting anxiety with each trip to the dentist, our slow dentistry techniques are the perfect solution.

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